Qatar calls new Dallas cargo route ‘just the beginning’ for 2016

Qatar 777F (QTR #865-WF111) Take off, Taxi and LandingK64938-03
Saying it is “just the beginning” of its expansion plans for 2016, Ulrich Ogiermann, Qatar Airways’, chief cargo officer, said that a new, dedicated cargo route between Liége and Dallas/Ft. Worth  will begin Jan. 19, 2016, making DFW the sixth freighter destination for Qatar in the Americas, and the 13th destination overall, including passenger flights.
Qatar Airways Cargo will operate a 777F two times a week to DFW, which will increase the carrier’s export cargo capacity from the current 400 tonnes of belly cargo to 1,000 tonnes of both belly and maindeck cargo per month. Import capacity to Dallas via Qatar Airways Cargo will increase to a total of 300 tonnes per month.
Ogiermann added that DFW is “strategically well placed to give us further reach into the region,” and that the carrier’s network and fleet will continue to growing “in size and strength” in the coming year. On the DFW route, Qatar expects to transport goods in the defense, financial services, IT, life sciences, semiconductor, telecommunications, transportation and processing industries in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, while also providing connections to the more than 150 destinations included in Qatar’s network.
Source: aircargoworld